Looting on Cawston Greenway!!

Oh no!!! Looters have made off with the lovely log-pile that we made a few weeks ago. These troubled times that we live in are spreading to all corners of the Country.

our newly made log-pile waiting to be inhabited by insects, lichen and mosses

And now look!!!

it's gone!!

Who would do such a thing? Evidence points towards someone with a wheelbarrow and a wood-burning stove. It is a shame because I was looking forward to watching it evolve over the next few years.

Anyhow, next workday is Sunday 14th August meeting at 11am at The Bear car-park and the tasks are walking the length of the greenway marking the trees that we want to remove when the clearing season starts in September. I will bring a black bag and litter-picker too, so we can have a quick tidy as we walk.

In the afternoon there is a BBQ and hog-roast as Cawston Grange School. This starts at 4pm and everyone is welcome. Details can be found at




See you on Sunday!


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