Today was more about planning than working

We started at Berrybanks and just meandered down to Potford’s Dam and back.

There is a bit of litter and dog poo bags that have been thrown into the scrub. This needs to be cleared up and I will bring the litter picker stick on the next workday. There are a couple of fallen trees that just need to be pushed off the path, too.

The bird feeder area seems to be holding up well. There are gnaw marks on the feeders but they have not been totally destroyed like the old ones. After a bit of research, it seems that a ten foot air gap around the feeders will stop squirrels jumping onto them from nearby trees.



The feeders were full on Monday (apart from the one fat ball I had left) and what I am trying to do is make it so they only need filling once a week. It is all a bit of trial and error at the moment but after a few months we will know how much is needed each week.

There was quite a bit of bird activity around the feeders as I approached, which was good to see.


Everything is poised on the cusp of a big breakout. All we need is a bit of sunshine and a lot of warmth.

Next workday is Wednesday 4th April at the bird feeder clearing. 10:30 start. We will be creating space around the feeders and litter picking.

Happy Easter!


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Bird Feeder Area

The bird feeder area is working again. Marcus and myself got the new squirrel-proof steel poles in, which was quite some feat… I recycled part of the old wooden posts to make a top from which to hang the feeders. Really pleased with the outcome.


The damage caused by the squirrels was pretty terminal.


It is nice to see the area working again. Our first visitors were a pair of blue tits that went on to investigate one of the bird-boxes. Great feeling of doing the right thing.


We also cleared a bit of bramble from the path. The bramble has many benefits for a huge amount of wildlife but left unchecked and it will take over and smother the growth of everything else. It also becomes quite poor at producing a decent fruit harvest after its second year of growth, so cutting it right back on a three year cycle is recommended.


We made habitat piles with the cuttings and raked the cleared ground to help stimulate  dormant wildflower seeds.

Lastly, I did another hammy little video to bring the greenway to life for everyone. I don’t think I will be giving up my day job just yet…

Next one is at Berrybanks on Wednesday 28th March 10:30 start.



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A Very Jelly Mother’s Day..

We were tripping over Jelly Ear fungus every which way we looked. Us three naughty boys, Marcus, Aaron and myself, who chose to be on the greenway rather than seeing our mothers were joined later by Mick who had been down Berrybanks doing a bit of path clearance.


We got on with putting up the bird-boxes that Andrew kindly made for us. I guess it is all about creating the nooks and crannies for birds to nest and flourish.


We put up eight bird boxes and will be watching closely to see what use they get over the bird-nesting season.

If anyone ever said nature was boring at this time of year – take a look at this….


Lichen in all manor of colours.

Next one is Wednesday and replacing the wooden poles for our bird feeders with steel ones. This is to stop the squirrels wrecking our bird feeder area.

Great day today for us naughty ones..


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March Workdays

I am really struggling to shoe-horn in workdays at the moment and probably will be until the end of June.

I can only manage three in March:

Sunday 11th 11:30 to 1:30 (DofE youth working with us)

Wednesday 14th 11:30 to 1:30

Wednesday 28th 10:30 to 12:30


If anyone else wants to take the helm for a bit then please be my guest.

A few critical things to do over March which are mainly getting bird boxes up and just getting it ready for the bird-nesting season.

Feel like a bit of a let-down but it is what it is, unfortunately.





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Fun(gi) day

It seems fungi are like buses, wait around for ages and nothing, and then suddenly loads come along all at once.

What a great haul – I could of rooted around in the undergrowth for hours once I got the bit between my teeth. Plenty of brackets, jelly brain and others.

Aaron, Linda and myself donned our wildlife-superhero suits and tackled the fallen trees between The Bear and Berrybanks. It was quite depressing to see all the litter around The Bear bridge, but I guess we just need to get into a regular litter-pick routine to keep on top of it.



This is up and down pics, personally I would have it three times as wide…

…ha-ha!! I am joking!!

We cleared all the dumped scrub off the path and cleared up the litter. We probably need to spend a good few days around this section to clear it up. However, Andrew, who made us our super bird-boxes last year, has kindly made us some more. So we need to get them up ASAP. We have eight to put up so my electric screwdriver is on charge!!

The bird-feeder clearing has been hammered by the local grey squirrel population. I have seen some slender steel poles to replace the rough wooden ones that the squirrels can climb up. As soon as we change them over the bird-feeder area will be functional again. It is all about learning as we go and trying to be as economical as we can, with our funding.

Thanks to all today, great conversations, friendships being formed, this is what life is all about – doing things where we can make friends and stuff!!!

Next one is next Wednesday with a 10:30 start and then try to get into a rhythum of Wednesdays and Sundays.

We have one youngster doing a Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award this year. We need more, so if you are reading this and are looking for something to do, or have children looking for something, we have successfully got groups of youngsters through their Bronze and Silver awards in the last few years. I am fully CRB/DBS checked and certified.

And thanks for the fun(gi) day….


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It is all about getting wide

Great day today with Mick, Marcus and myself. We created a glade that will be full of sunlight in the spring and summer.

DSC_0013It was lovely to see so many groups of people able to walk two, three or four abreast and really just enjoy this fantastic amenity.

The plant life that happens in this cleared area will bring in so much wildlife and be so rich through the summer.


Every bit of advice that I have had over the last eight years or so has said that the path needs to be at least three meters wide. This will let the sun hit the ground and encourage so much wildlife.

Here is my hammy video-clip of our progress..

Next one is at Berrybanks and then I hope to get back into a regular Wednesday and Sunday routine again.

Thanks all who made it today.


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Back On It!!!

After the set-back of surgery, I am back. It was great to get back on the greenway and ease back the scrub south of Potsford Dam.

If the path is narrow and the scrub is high, it makes it intimidating for users because they cannot see where they are going or what is around the corner. Aaron and myself pushed back the path and just made it a little bit more friendly.

We also cut the scrub right down where the benches are. This means people can sit down and enjoy a view across open countryside, rather than feeling hemmed it.


Hopefully the pictures show how we have created windows out to the lovely countryside that is part of our greenway.

I found no fungi today but a lot of lichen.


And great to see new buds on trees. It is like – here we go again.. DSC_0062Lastly, I just played around with my phone on video today and just had a go at trying to make things a bit more real for readers.

This is the first cut and probably nowhere near the finished article, but just trying to show you a work in progress.

Our little slice of paradise is looking pretty good.


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